Naja Shriners Clubs and Units


Four Rivers shrine Club

Meets: At the call of the President

The Four Rivers Shrine Club is located in West-Central South Dakota and consists of members from the four river areas of the White, Bad, Cheyenne and the Missouri. The club was organized in 1974.

The group host several club activities during the year, such as the Onion Sales in the spring, hosting the Wall Circus in and Snow cones at the kids at ball games in the summer, and ending the year with holiday parties. 

As new Shriners join there is more opportunity to grow in activities and fellowship.

The club also has three parade units, Four River paddlers, Johnny Poppers and Old McDonalds Brigade.

Kevin Neuhauser, President

Joel Stephens, Secretary

Black Hills Shrine Club

Meets: 3rd Wednesday of every month, except July and August

The Rapid City Shrine Club is governed by the President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The Club’s annual functions include the President’s Party, Summer Picnic, and of course the Christmas Party.

The Club also plays a major role in the annual Rapid City Shrine Circus held at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center and takes an active part in all of Naja Shrine events.

For further information regarding the Rapid City Shrine Club and/or becoming a member, please call any member.

Nolan Froke, President
Bryant Stokes, Secretary


4 River Paddlers and Johnny Poppers

Meets: at the call of the President


Kevin Neuhauser, President, 605.280.7585

Larry Kirkpatrick, Secretary, 605.224.2502,

The Four Rivers Paddlers make up a unit that participates in Shrine as well as other parades in communities across the state, but more predominantly in western South Dakota. They’re easy to spot in any parade riding in their four fiberglass boats mounted on a variety of motorized golf carts. By doing a number of turns, spins and maneuvers, they add a humorous measure of controlled confusion to any event — always good for a smile or laugh from the spectators.

The Johnny Poppers are a group of antique 2-cylinder John Deere tractors ranging from a 1937 “A” to a 1951 “G” and have been restored to “like new” condition. They also participate in a number of parades across the state.

Air Patrol

Meets: First Tuesday of each Month at 7:00 pm


Don Pinkerton, Commander, 605.390.4277

Steve Lofswold, Secretary, 605.390.5818

The Air Patrol is a fun-loving unit, originally formed by pilots to transport other unit members to and from various Shrine functions. In some instances, patients were transported to the different Shrine Hospitals in personal member aircraft. Over time the Air Patrol has become a motorized unit comprised of newly purchased scooters. There are still a few pilots; however, the unit’s primary functions are to support Naja Shrine in parade events as well as social get-togethers with members and their famil

Blast & Cast T's

Meets:  Fourth Monday of each month


Brian Cole, President, 605.306.9400                                                                        Jeff VanCuren, Secretary, 605.716.5157

The NAJA Blast and Cast Unit was created in 2015 to promote fellowship, knowledge, and good will among Nobles and their Ladies of hunting, fishing, boating, recreation, and firearms skills.

This unit will provide a variety of different activities and events to include, hunter and firearms safety, adult and kids fishing events, group wild-game hunts, and guest speakers and instructors for various outdoor activities. Members of this unit have a wide variety and many years of experience in fishing, fly fishing, boating, hunting, weapons safety, trap shooting, and other outdoor activities.  If you have a love for the outdoors, want to learn more about any of these activities, or have new activities to bring to the Unit, please join us!  We meet the last Monday of each month!


Meets:  Fourth Tuesday of each month


Rick Holloway, President 605.415.3577

Scott Sharp, Secretary, 605.431.0937

The NAJA Brewers of the Mystic Shrine is a NAJA Unit dedicated to the art of home brewing, wine making, distilling, and great food to accompany these beverages. We have a unit meeting every month at various locations depending on brewing/distilling schedules, bottling needs, and tasting times. These meetings are open to Unit members and those nobles interested in joining and include home brew tastings and presentations on home brewing/distilling/cooking and related topics.

The NAJA Brewers of the Mystic Shrine was formed in 2016 to promote fun, fellowship, and the art of brewing/wine making, and distilling. Members are made up of veteran brewers, beginners, and lovers of great beer and wine who want to learn more about the history, brewing/distilling techniques, and overall enjoyment of beer, wine and spirits.  Members help each other, share in hosting monthly brews, and produce beer for special NAJA events such as Octoberfest, the Potentate’s Ball, and other events at the request of the Potentate.

If you like to home brew, make wine, or want to learn how, please consider joining our UnitF


Meets: The third Saturday of the month

Casey Derflinger, PP, President, 605.890.1672,

Mike Stirling, PP, Secretary, 605.390.2801,

The Naja Cowboys are comprised of Shriners and their families who enjoy riding horses. Members generally reside in the western part of South Dakota. The Cowboys have recently purchased a new Stagecoach for use in parades, escorted by other members of the unit on horseback serving as outriders to protect the stage from bandits along the route. The Cowboys participate in several parades throughout the year and host an annual trail ride and picnic in September for both members and non-members. The trail ride is held at different locations throughout western South Dakota.

Fall River Shrine Patrol

Meets: First Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge in Hot Springs; in May and September the Unit meets at the Masonic Building in Edgemont


Wayne Hageman, President, 605.890.6656,

Al Jensen, Secretary, 605.745.3277,

The Fall River Shrine Patrol (FRSP) is Naja’s Shrine Unit in the Southern gateway to the Black Hills. Unit membership is open to all Shriners in the Hot Springs and Edgemont area, as well as Nobles in good standing in Naja Shrine. The unit participates in Shrine and non-Shrine parades with our go-carts, a 1957 VW Hack Truck, and a 1992 Pontiac convertible. The group recently acquired the Hillbillies Parade unit, as well a lawn tractor pulling several two wheeled vehicles as well. The unit has just finished building new go karts to supplement their other equipment.

Unit objectives are to provide a well-organized and well-instructed group of members to promote Shrinedom, support Naja activities, perform in a mannerly fashion in all parades, and promote social activities and good fellowship.

All of members of the Fall River Shrine Patrol may belong to other Naja units. All are welcome to visit, become a member, and join the fun.

Golf Club

Meets: at the call of the President


Tom Doyle, President, 605.430.9900,

Ray Leeman, Secretary, 208.521.7434,

The Shrine Golf Club, as you might guess, is a club for the golf-enthusiast. Members of the golf club, including Shriners and their Ladies, meet and golf at a variety of courses around the area enjoying both the socializing and a little competition on the course.

The Golf Club also enthusiastically participates in parade events. Look for their formation of golf-carts representing the Shriners organization and honoring our fallen Nobles.

Meat & Greeters

Meets: Second Tuesday in January, April, July, and October


Tim Rensch PP, President, 605.381.7681

The Greeters were organized in the early 1960s, and their activities are usually confined to official Naja Shrine functions. Members frequently provide service and traditional courtesies at Naja Shrine Ceremonials, official parties, and Shrine Club meetings, as directed or requested by the Potentate or Club President. In addition, the Greeters Unit functions as a “Sunshine Committee” to report on illnesses or infirmities of members.

Hillbilly Clan

Meets: The third Tuesday, every other month beginning in Jan.


Jon Thomas, Rabban of the Clan, 605.484.1228,

Roger Andersen, Keeper of the Quill, 605.381.0869,

Don Pinkerton, Guardian of the Still, 605.390.4277,

“Moonshine Gulch Hillbilly Clan 184” received its charter/degree in 2016 from the International Shrine Hillbillies. Having received the okay from the then Potentate and the reining Divan, the unit was organized with 25 members. It is important to note at the same time the Hillbilly Ladies Auxiliary was also organized.

     One of our first priorities was to obtain a parade vehicle. After much searching, we were fortunate to have been gifted a 1946 Chevy flatbed ranch truck. Following a good bit of work and money, “Lola May” was deemed road worthy and began parading each year in various town events
in NAJA’s geographic territory. We have since been fortunate to be gifted once again with a 1 ton, 1926 International truck. Both trucks will and are reaching
our communities and promoting the Shrine and its philanthropic objectives.

     Clan 184 participates in various fund-raising activities to contribute to our Shrine cause and to maintain our parade
vehicles. These include: the annual circus, annual sports show, monthly craft
shows, annual car show, etc.

There’s no need to have “hillbilly” DNA to have fun with this unit.  Come join us and share in spreading the word on being a Shriner.

Hospital Dads

No meetings.


Roger Andersen, President, 605.381.0869,

In the early 1940s, patients and one guardian were either given bus tickets or transported to Shrine Hospitals by Nobles in their own vehicles or planes. These Nobles made hundreds of trips before the Naja Shrine Hospital Division was created in the 1970s.

Six Nobles started a travel fund to pay the expenses and purchase a van, and the Naja Shrine Hospital Division began raising money for the fund. The first hospital van was purchased in 1982 to transport patients and logged over 200,000 miles before being retired. The Naja Shrine Hospital Division currently has two mini vans and one 11 passenger van for patient transportation.

The Hospital DADS (Drivers Are Dedicated Shriners) was formed in 1996 to transport children to hospitals. Today the unit has over 60 Noble members and their ladies who proudly carry on the transportation duties of Naja Shrine. With over 500 active patients in their area which is Western South Dakota, The Hospital DADS are busy transporting patients primarily to the Shrine Hospital for Children – Twin Cities.

New Drivers Always Welcome!

Naja Clown Patrol

Meets: the third Thursday


Bryan Fischer, President, 605.645.4077,

Ray Leeman, Secretary, 208.521.7434,

The Naja Clown Patrol is comprised of members from the Northern Hills area (Spearfish, Deadwood and Belle Fourche). Their focus is community involvement, and their special mission is to bring cheer to kids in the area. The Naja Clown Patrol participates in parades and gets involved in a number of community events for families and children with their go karts and scooters.

Naja Color Guard

Meets: at the call of the President


Jim Cummings, Captain, 605.390.0062,

Brian Cole, Secretary, 907.306.9400,


The Flag Unit is the Naja Shrine Color Guard. The unit has taken on the principal duty of presenting the American, Canadian, Naja Temple, and South Dakota flags at various Shrine functions throughout the year.

Naja Flying Aces

Meets: Fourth Wednesday of the month


Tanner Norman, President, 605.580.6246,

Shad Riggle, Secretary, 605.280.2667,

The Naja Flying Aces is a group of fun-loving Shriners. You can find them in local parades driving mini-airplane go-carts.

Naja Motorcycle Corps

Meets: One annual meeting at year’s end.


Chris Sharp, Commander, 605.430.4886,

Steve Hendrickson PP, Secretary, 605.348.8572,

The Naja Motorcycle Corps was formed in the summer of 2010 as a parade unit comprised of Nobles who are motorcycle enthusiasts. The Unit currently has no annual dues or hold regular meetings, except an annual meeting around November. The only requirement is that you must own a motorcycle or can prove that you have one on order and love to ride to represent Naja Shrine.

Naja Pipe and Drum Corps

Meets: at the call of the President


Jeff Schroeder PP, President, 605.591.9777,

Dave Ruth, Jr., PP, Secretary, 605.578.7719,

The Naja Pipe and Dram Corp is one of the newest Naja units.

Old McDonald's Brigade

Meets: The first Sunday of the month.


Jed Kammerer, President, 605.863.3069,

Toby Wagner, Secretary, 605.441.7267,

Provost Unit

Meets: Third Monday of the month at 6:00 pm. 


Roger Andersen, Marshal, 605.381.0869,

Guy Donley, Secretary, 605.872.0869,

The Provost Unit was started in 1971 to provide for the safety and welfare of members of Naja Shrine at ceremonials, circuses and other occasions. The Provost Unit is also active in parades, local and Midwest Shrine events.  We also have a giant oversized fez and electric scooters for parades.  If requested this unit provides security for events.

Rapid City Clowns

 Meets: First Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Naja Shrine Center


Jeff VanCuran, President, 605.646.8899,

Scott Sharp, Secretary, 605.431.0937,

The Rapid City Shrine Clowns were formed by members of the Rapid City Shrine Club in the early 1960’s. It has grown to become one of the Naja Shrine’s largest and most active units. As Clowns, the unit strives to bring enjoyment to young and old alike by participating in events in Rapid City, Deadwood, and Wall.  

We also participate in all the area circuses and several parades and other functions throughout Rapid City and surrounding areas.  The clown unit has a completely restored 1920 Model TT Fire Truck also a 1924 Model TT Truck complete with a vintage calliope pipe organ and several smaller scooters and go karts. Our motto is “Clowning with a Purpose!”

Ritualistic Divan

Meets: at the call of the President


Jeff Schroeder PP, President, 605.591.9777,

Members of the Ritualistic Divan perform the duty of bringing Brother Masons, who have met their pre-requisite requirements for membership, into the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (A.A.O.N.M.S) and under the sheltering tent of Naja Shrine.

This basic theatrical group, consisting of 5 to 15 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, portray the “ceremonial” roles of the Illustrious Potentate, Chief Rabban, Assistant Rabban, the High Priest & Prophet, Oriental Guide, 1st Ceremonial Master, 2nd Ceremonial Master, Marshal, Captain of the Guard and the Outer Guard in full costume and regalia. Members of the group come from all across Naja’s expansive area and hold practices as needed.

The duty of the Ritualistic Divan is to bring each new member into the Shrine Brotherhood with full pomp and circumstance; to impress upon each new Shriner the lessons of Brotherly Love, Fidelity, Virtue; and, above all, exemplify in each the importance of his obligation to do his part in the life-long benevolent support of Shriners Hospitals for Children.

This tightly-knit group travels to the spring and fall ceremonials, as well as numerous two-day All-the-Way events throughout the Oasis of Deadwood each year performing the Shrine 1st Section — the swearing-in and education portion of each new Noble’s journey across the hot sands of the desert into Shrinedom.

To those new or seasoned Masons with a feel for the theater and the willingness to carry on an age-old tradition, and who feel they have a flair for some memorization and a lot of fun, let one of the Ritualistic Divan members know during any of our upcoming events. This is one of few Uniformed Units of the Naja Shrine that still has no annual membership fees, budget reporting, treasurer, or secretary.

Santa Claus Unit

Meets: at the call of the President

Tom Stanton, President, 605.343.2279,

The Santa Claus Unit consists of Naja Shriners who meet once each year to visit local nursing homes, Black Hills Works, as well as Veterans at Fort Meade in Sturgis during the holiday season. The Unit’s Noble and their ladies spread “Holiday Cheer” by giving small gifts of fruit and snacks helping to make the holiday season much more meaningful to those residents that they visit.

West River Shrine Unit

Meets: at the call of the President


Kel Brockel, President, 605.484.1254

Willis Kopren, Secretary, 605.490.2675,

The West River Shrine Unit represents the Lemon/Bison/Faith area. The unit arranges for circuses in this area and participates in parade events with their Model-T go-carts.